Improve Your Movie Experience With Xbox One Tips And Tricks

Xbox One Tips And Tricks

If you are already a fan of the Xbox gaming system, then you know that the Xbox One S comes with a wide range of features that improve your gaming experience. But, did you know that this console can also completely change the way you watch movies. Read on for Xbox One tips and tricks that turn your gaming room into a movie theatre.

As well as playing the latest games in high definition and improving ways of connection online with other players, the Xbox One S allows you to stream 4K UHD video, and watch HDR TV shows and movies. Xbox One tips and tricks mean that the console basically replaces your home cinema system. This is a definite benefit as the Xbox One S cannot quite manage 4K gaming. However, incorporating the home cinema abilities into the Xbox One S means that you have access to more 4K video content, at a more affordable price than you would if you needed to by a separate Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Xbox One tips on setting up your Xbox One S as a home cinema system include locating the HDMI 2.0 output on the back of the Xbox One S. This works for HDCP 2.2, meaning that you can connect the console to a projector or television with the same ports and the 4K video streams easily at UHD quality, thanks to HDR support. Improvements made by Microsoft to the graphics chips and processors of the Xbox One S also support the smooth playback of high quality videos. Xbox One tricks for this model include that it has a front mounted USB 3.0 port and IR blaster, meaning they are easier to access. There is no need to move the Xbox One S to gain access to plug in a flash drive and access its contents.

Tips for Xbox One also includes the fact that this model benefits from a range of other ports on the rear of the console. These include two further USB 3.0 ports, HDMI in and out, IR out for control via the IR blaster, Ethernet and optical audio. If you are looking to use the Xbox One S’s voice controls via Xbox Kinect, then there is an adapter available that allows you to connect it via USB. It is important to note that Microsoft currently doesn’t ship the console with that microphone included. Although, you may find that retailers provide different bundles, so check exactly what you are getting, before you leave the store or hit the buy button. So, other than price and its primary ability to play games, how does the Xbox One S compare to other Ultra HD Blu-ray players? Ultra HD Blu-rays offer one of the most high-quality versions of 4K content available. The console also supports HDR so more enhanced colours and a greater range of bright and dark can be experienced on an HDR-ready 4K TV. This Xbox model is also 40% smaller than the last. This means it takes up less space in your TV stand. And with the large power brick gone as well, keeping the cables tidy should be much easier too. Additional XboxOne tips include the Xbox One S’s ability to stand upright, giving you more freedom as to where you place the console, something most Blu-ray players don’t offer. The Xbox One S includes Netflix UHD support, so all Netflix’s 4K and HDR content can be streamed straight to your 4K HDR TV.

If that was not enough to tempt you, then Amazon Prime Video and YouTube should be offering 4K streaming on the Xbox One S, and you can expect more apps to support 4K soon. For Sky users, you can run your Sky box through the Xbox and control everything in one place. Xbox One tips and tricks wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the future and that is coming in the form of Project Scorpio. It brings the ability to support 4K gaming, giving it an all-round advantage over Blu-ray players and other game consoles.